Physics A

SPEC: h156Spec

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Ch3 Motion
Ch4 Forces
Ch5 Energy
Ch6 Materials Question 9 is incomplete. ie. 9a(ii) Add this: Calculate the tension required in wire G to produce an extension of .0004.
Ch7 Laws of motion and momentum
Ch8 Charge and current
Ch9 Energy, power, and resistance
Ch10 Electrical circuits
Ch11 Waves 1
Ch12 Waves 2 Question 1 diagram is wrong. 8mm should be the distance between the outermost ie top and bottom bright fringes.
And A should be labelled the uppermost bright fringe. See my PhysicsA Lesson.docx notes for ammended diag.
Ch13 Quantum physics




Specimen :

01 Breadth 02 Depth Data

Old Syllabus! (H158 )
G481 (past in this link)
G482 (past in this link)

2011 Jan G481 QP
2011 Jan G482 QP
2011 Jan G481 MS
2011 Jan G482 MS

2011 June G481 QP

2011 June G482 QP
2011 June G481 MS
2011 June G482 MS All of these 481's should have been completed.

2012 Jan G481 QP All of these 2012's will be set in next class.
2012 Jan G481 MS

2012 June G481 QP
2012 June G481 MS

2013 Jan G481 QP
2013 Jan G481 MS

2013 June G481 QP
2013 June G481 MS

2014 June G481 QP
2014 June G481 MS

2015 June G481 QP
2015 June G481 MS

Other Specimen : (A2 as well?) 01 02 03

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Module 2 QP
Module 3 QP
Module 4 QP

Module 2 MS
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